winners of the award

Тhе Gallery of Matica srpska and Vojvodjanska banka are the winners of the DIPLOMACY & COMMERCE 2017 prize in the category "Art & Business" awarded by the magazine "Diplomacy & Commerce". The award was received by Mrs. Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, PhD, director of the Gallery of Matica srpska and Mr. Marinos Vathis, Chairman of the Executive Board of Vojvodjanska banka, at the ceremony which was held on the 16th of March, 2017 in Belgrade.

The award DIPLOMACY AND COMMERCE 2017 is an incentive for the Gallery of Matica srpska and the Vojvodjanska banka to continue the successful implementation of joint projects, as well as  to all public and private institutions to achieve this kind of cooperation.

The Gallery of Matica srpska and Vojvodjanska banka signed The Protocol on Cooperation in June 2016, with the idea of establishing a fruitful connection between cultural institutions and private (business) sector. The Protocol stipulates that the expert team of the Gallery make the inventory of the artwork collection owned by Vojvodjanska banka by the highest professional standards, while the Vojvodjanska banka financially supports the project of the reconstruction of the Gallery of Matica srpska’s facade. The fund generated through this cooperation will be invested in the reconstruction of the main entrance of the Gallery and in the instalation of an external lift for people with disabilities, making the Gallery of Matica srpska available to all visitors.

In October 2016, the collection of Vojvodjanska banka was presented for the first time to the public at the exhibition Responsible in Culture when 40 highly valuable works of art from the second half of the 19th century were exposed in the Gallery of Matica srpska. Also, during December 2016, creative workshops for children were held in Vojvodjanska banka in Novi Sad and in Belgrade with the idea of bringing the artworks closer to children. In early 2017, the museum experts of the Gallery continued with the inventory, recording, processing and classification of artworks in branches of Vojvodjanska banka throughout Serbia. After that this process is finished, the artworks will be restored, conservated and equipped for the presentation and publication of the entire collection of Vojvodjanska banka.

During April, 2017, in the Gallery of the National Bank of Serbia in Belgrade, Vojvodjanska banka in cooperation with the Gallery of Matica srpska will exhibit a selection of the most valuable works of art from its collection and present it to the audience in Belgrade.



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