The Gallery of Matica srpska
From July 11th to September 16th, 2018

On Wednesday, July 11th, 2018 at 8 p.m. in The Gallery of Matica srpska, Trg Galerija 1, the exhibition European Phenomena in the Collection of The Gallery of Matica srpska will be opened. The opening ceremony will be hosted by Mrs Tijana Palkovljevic Bugarski, PhD, director of The Gallery of Matica srpska, Mrs Asja Draca Muntean, assistant to the Minister for International Relations and European Integrations in the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and Mr Paul Henry Presset, Head of Information, Communication and Press to the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia.

On the occasion of celebrating the Year of European Cultural Heritage on the national level, the exhibition European Phenomena in the Collection of The Gallery of Matica srpska represents artworks of  Serbian as well as foreign artists from different epochs, painted in different techniques and collected with the intention of making the viewer think about the phenomena and values, on which the European civilization was built. Subsequently, there are four different themes that emerged and that are highlighted in the exhibition: Freedom, Progress, Heritage and Diversity.

Heritage is the basis of European culture, recounted through myths and religions, and it is a wide field in which the richness of local diversities, customs and traditions speak about human shortcomings and strengths, translated into well-known stories and images. Freedom surfaced as the second theme. Freedom as the ideal of nations and individuals and equally of artists, scientists and philosophers, as something to be gained, defended and advanced. Progress came next, as a constant aspiration of the European nations towards growth and improvement in order to remain competitive and prosperous; an aspiration that is based on education, science, inventiveness and creativity, which will provide progress for the whole continent. And finally, we chose Diversity, as the basic virtue of Europe, in which different nations, languages, religions and commitments are united with the objective of creating a more tolerant and rational society.

The exhibition offers more than one interpretation and understanding of European values and phenomena through the displayed artworks with the main idea of making the viewer think about them.

The exhibition is followed by the publication European Phenomena in the Collecetion of the Gallery of Matica srpska.

During the exhibition, will be organized guidance of curators, on Saturdays at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. and lectures on Fridays at 7 p.m.

The exhibition is open for the public until September 16th, 2018.

The realization of the exhibition and the catalogue was made possible by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia that included this project in the national program with the slogan Our Heritage: where the past meets the future as a part of the celebration of the Year of European Cultural Heritage on the national level.

On Friday at 7 p.m.

July 13th, 2018
Expert interpretation of the exhibition
“European phenomena in the Collection of the Gallery of Matica srpska”
Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, PhD, museum councilor

In the year which was announced as the Year of European Cultural Heritage by The European Parliament and Council, in the Gallery of Matica srpska as the museum institution, naturally we asked ourselves a question, what is part of European Cultural Heritage in our collection? Which Serbian artists, as Rastko Petrović wrote, learned how to speak “European”? On the first lecture within the following program of the exhibition “European phenomena in the Collection of The Gallery of Matica srpska”, Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, the director of the Gallery, will offer the answers to these questions and reveal what the idea behind the exhibition was.


July 27th, 2018
HERITAGE: the Mythical and the Sacred
Danilo Vuksanović, MA, senior conservator

European tradition was based on mythical layers from which art, religion and culture are formed and which we inherit and interpret nowdays. Copying famous artworks inspired by mythological motives in the studies of European Art Academies, Serbian painters knew that the Mythical and the Sacred are the oldest spiritual concepts to explain symbolic function of mind-emotion transformed to the painting. What are the scopes of our knowledge about mythological layers of culture that we inherit? How can we determine common creators of our own and European culture and can we even separate these two things? The heritage of mythological and sacred paintings in Serbian culture and art is immense. On this lecture, we are going to mention some of these occurrences with the aim of pointing out interesting art phenomena in the Collection of the Gallery of Matica srpska.


August 3rd, 2018
DIVERSITY: Equality in Diversity
Stanislava Jovanović, curator

Diversity as the value of European continent, builds European society as multi-ethical, multi-confessional and multi-cultural. The idea of the Equality in Diversity as the main motif brought together different artists and epochs on this exhibition with the aim of creating the thematical heterogeneity between religions, traditions and customs, age and gender differences. This lecture will be dedicated to all artworks which represent visual statement of diversity - both in the thematic and artistic sense. Bringing together works of Stanoje Popović, Josif Falta, Paja Jovanović, Petar Dobrović and other artists in this exhibition, has resulted in highlighting the richness of diversity but also the Europe as the very important crossroad of national, religious and gender differences.


August 17th, 2018
Luka Kulić, conservator-restorer

Lecture About Freedom will be about the notion of freedom as the fundamental value and construct of social and cultural influence. Through the form of the dialogue, the question about human right of freedom will be asked but also, how art reflects our reality in the context of striving towards freedom. The idea of Freedom is not only favorable but basic and probably the most important human right. Without freedom, there is no peace, there is no respect for others, no progress and no meaningful existence.


August 10th, 2018
PROGRESS: Education and Technology
Miroslava Žarkov, curator

One of the challenges during the design of the exhibition “European phenomena in the Collection of the Gallery of Matica srpska” was to find artworks which depict the phenomenon of Progress. In this sense there are two main topics that emerged: Progress in Science and Technology and Progress in Education. On this lecture, there will be a word on the way in which these two topics intermingle, pointing out that new knowledge encourages creativity and inspiration that result in new accomplishments and ideas. With the help of artworks as the great carriers of knowledge and collective memory, the phenomena that led Europe to the road of civilized progress, will be questioned.


August 31st, 2018
Expert interpretation of the exhibition
“European Phenomena in the Collection of the Gallery of Matica Srpska”
Nikola Ivanović, art historian

The problem of European, as well as all other phenomena that are related to European cultural identity, is present especially in Serbian art and visual culture during 19th and 20th century, after the liberation from occupation by Ottoman Empire that lasted several centuries and also, in initial opportunities in which national art and culture express their proper understanding of European modernity. In these processes of Modernization, Emancipation and Europeanization, Serbian art was converging towards Europe, its culture, social and political values and virtues. The exhibition European phenomena in the Collection of the Gallery of Matica srpska is indeed the indicator of those ideals, represented in the artworks of many authors, whose desire for Freedom, Diversity, Progress and cherishing the Cultural Heritage was the trigger for finding, noticing and expressing everything that European phenomena are in art and culture.



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