14th June–30th August
Every Thursday at 9.00 pm

Summer in the Gallery Garden was continually organized by the Gallery of Matica Srpska and the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection with the desire to provide the people of Novi Sad with a special ‘cultural’ refreshment during the summer months. Since the Gallery of Fine Arts Gift Collection of Rajko Mamuzić has joined this year's event, it has evolved into Summer at the Gallery Square. In the evening hours, our citizens will be able to attend delightful cultural and artistic contents for free and learn about the diversity of the world's cultural heritage and the importance of its preservation in the context of historical and cultural circumstances.

The original idea of Summer in the Gallery Garden, started in 2012, is still preserved: to offer the audience the summer entertainment that includes cultural content and which would take place in the shared garden of the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection and the Gallery of Matica Srpska. Today, this event represents a collection of diverse, appealing, multidisciplinary programmes, such as concerts, film screenings, stories of distant travels, quizzes and dance evenings. Most of them have been made possible owing to good relations with embassies and the cultural centres of the countries like the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Japan and the United States, as well as numerous institutions, associates and friends of the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection, the Gallery of Matica Srpska and the Gift Collection of Rajko Mamuzić.

This event is a good example of cooperation between the museum institutions and the current approach to various contents that clearly reflect the complexity of the museum work and the abundance of museum programmes. Since 2012, a total of 59 thematic evenings of various contents has been held, and the programmes have been attended by over 10.000 visitors, which is why this project is also significant as a way of discovering new communications with the audience and the responsiveness of museum institutions to visitors of different interests.

By involving the Gallery of Fine Arts Gift Collection of Rajko Mamuzić, the event now consists of all three museum institutions located at the Gallery Square, as a specific cultural and artistic core of the city. This has resulted not only in the new event name, or in the offer of another museum garden and the greater variety of programmes, but in the higher level of their integration into the cultural offer of the City of Novi Sad, European Capital of Culture 2021.

The event Summer at the Gallery Square 2018 was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, the Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities of the Autonomus Province of Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad Office for Culture.



14th June
Grand opening
Exhibition opening
The Mediterranean in the Artworks from Pavle Beljanski's Collection

Summer at the Gallery Square begins with the opening of the exhibition that provides a new insight into the artworks from Pavle Beljanski's collection through the prism of the Mediterranean. The sun and colours of the Mediterranean, its history and heritage have fascinated numerous artists of all generations and diverse backgrounds, among them the artists from Pavle Beljanski's collection. Like many of their contemporaries, they drew inspiration from the Mediterranean, which helped them develop new awarenessof their painting. As a part of the opening programme, the String Quartet ‘Habanera’ will perform new arrangements of familiar melodies from the Mediterranean countries: France, Italy, Croatia, Greece in an exciting and original manner.


21st June
Movie Night Klimt
Austrian Cultural Forum, Belgrade

Film Klimt will be screened in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade. It is an homage to the famous Viennese artist and his life in the rich historical context of the 'Fin de Siècle’ epoch. From the film, directed by Raoul Ruiz and starring John Malkovich, visitors will find out about Gustav Klimt's struggle for artistic freedom, his relationship with Egon Shileau and the French actress Lea de Castro, and the platonic love for Emilie Flöge.


28th June
Culture Quiz with Nikola Kostić

Culture quiz is a fine opportunity to test your knowledge of fine arts, literature, history, theatre and film and receive valuable awards. Nikola Kostić a.k.a. Lee Man will encourage you to reflect on the topics and remind you of interesting cultural facts.
Teams of four members can sign up until 26th June on this phone number: 021 4899 013


5th July
A Lecture Cake Shop – Sweet and Bitter Taste of Flowers
Tamara Ognjević, MA, Artis Center
An art historian, writer and gastroheritologist, Tamara Ognjević, is going toreveal the most delicate recipe from Artis' ‘Cake Shop’ project - a history about the symbolism of flowers in art and its edible, magical aspect. Like every other lecture that she gives, this one is also going to be filledwith treats ‒ a surprise entirely in line with the theme.


12th July
A Travelogue Story Cultural Heritage of Andalusia
Zoran Vapa and Dubravka Đukanović, PhD

A travelogue story of the rich cultural heritage of Granada, Alhambra, Cordoba and Malaga was recorded through the camera by Zoran Vapa, the director of the Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, and Dubravka Đukanović, an architect, whose stories and photos are going to take you on a journey to wonderful Andalusia, introducing tangible and intangible patrimony of this Spanish region.


19th July
Movie Night Camille Claudel
French Institute in Serbia –Novi Sad branch

On the occasion of the exhibition,The Mediterranean in the Artworks from Pavle Beljanski's Collection, we present the French feature film from 1987, about the famous artist Camille Claudel. Camille Claudelspends days and nights indulgingher passion, sculpture. Having the support of her father and brother Paul, she dreams of joining the studio of Auguste Rodin. Having shown her talent and the determination to work with him, he accepts her as an apprentice. Camille falls in love with her mentor, becomes his muse and revives herdrowsy imagination. The film was directed by Bruno Nuytten and stars Isabelle Adjani and Gerard Depardieu.


26th July
A Lecture One Mediterranean Road Trip
Olivera Skoko

For the purpose of writing two novels (Perast-Amsterdam and Korčula Road Trip), Olivera Skoko stayed in towns on the eastern coast of the Adriatic on several occasions,where she placed the story and the characters of her books. By joining the profession, art history, andwith love for the written word, Olivera brought the readers closer to some of the peculiarities of the Mediterranean region. In a form of a lecture, the author will share her research that preceded the creation of these literary works, as well as the experiences during previous promotions.


2nd August
Movie Night and the Film Discussion Sun, Wheat
Celebrating the 120th anniversary since the birth of Milan Konjović, the Memorial Collection, in cooperation with the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, produced a short film,Sun, Wheat, inspired by the same name of the painting created during Milan Konjović's public painting session on the roof of the primary school ‘Đorđe Natošević’ in Novi Sad, in 1962. It was part of the 'Sterijino pozorje' programme and the event was commented by Lazar Trifunović. The film is also the announcement of the exhibition, Milan Konjović in Novi Sad Collections, which is going to be held at The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection at the end of the year. After the screening, the audience will be able to take part in the discussion about Milan Konjović and his influence on the contemporary art tendencies.


9th August
A Lecture Cinematic Techniques and a Painting Analysis
Vladimir Dimovski, PhD

In this lecture the audience is going to be presented with the possibilities of using basic cinematic techniques in the process of creative analysis of an artwork. The visitors will be able to acquaint themselves with all the phases in the process of making such a video form, from a script to final rendering, through the author’s examples of animations created over the past few years, for the purpose of creative presentations and interactive interpretations of an artwork.


16th August
A Concert 'Kamper'
‘Kamper’ is an instrumental band from Novi Sad that has based its creative identity on the alternative rock music, post-rock and guitar pop with the addition of electronic sounds. Their repertoire includes tracks of a wider dynamic range, from subtle, ambiental sections to furious and abruptescapades.


23rd August
The Presentation of 'Komiko' Publishing House
A Contemporary Graphic Novel as a Modern Visual and Narrative Form

The publishing house ‘Komiko’ was founded in Novi Sad, in 2009, with the aim to publish and present in a new way the classics of mainly Serbian comics, as well as the works of our best contemporary authors. The audience will have the opportunity to learn about the literary form of comics, its development and expansion, innovations in the world of comics culture, as well as new editions available to our audience.


30th August
Closing night
A Performance Multimedia group 'Happy Trash'
The audio-video performance and the concert of ‘Happy Trash' group is based on the exploration of the Gift Collection of Rajko Mamuzić and the museological and archival material, and focuses on issues related to the fate of artists and artworks, the critical perception of the current place and the role of cultural institutions in a society, the role of authority discoursein art and relations between art and government. In theirwork, the art group 'Happy Trash' (Branislav Petrić, Staniša Dautović, Dragan Matić, Željko Piškorić, Vladimir Marko and Duška Karanov) establish the principle of in-situperformance, in the context of the current place / space / system of ideas.



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