Programme for young people
"CUL-tour through Novi Sad"
July, 2018 – September, 2019

The Gallery of Matica srpska launched a programme for young people "CUL-tour through Novi Sad" in 2018, which has being realized in cooperation with the Youth Theater and the Archive of Vojvodina, within the project "Audience in Focus" of Novi Sad 2021 ‒ European Capital of CultureFoundation.

The programme "CUL-tour through Novi Sad" has been created with the idea to encourage young people to get involved in design, realization and promotion of the cultural offer of the city of Novi Sad. One of the goals of this programme is to meet the year of 2021, when Novi Sad becomes the European Capital of Culture and point out the cultural values and importance of the city, as well as the importance of its history and culture in the European context, together with young people.

The programme is intended for young people between the age of 14 and 18 who will, through the series of educational, creative and drama workshops in the Gallery of Matica srpska, the Youth Theater and the Archive of Vojvodina, familiarize themselves with the cultural possibilities of their city, in order to create the CUL-tour guide through Novi Sad as the final outcome, which will promote places, personalities and stories that they consider important for the city.

At the workshops Streets and Faces of My City, young people try to find their own and innovative way, by using Lego bricks, to answer the question who and what makes the culture of our city. Looking at the works of art on which Novi Sad and the personalities that are significant for its history are presented, young people lead the dialogue on Novi Sad "erstwhile and now", trying to answer the question of what makes their city unique on the map of Europe.



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