Project "Museology for Begginers"
and the exhibition The Young People Choose
October, 2018 – March, 2019

During the past four months the Gallery of Matica srpska was a place where young people have discovered how does a museum work from the inside. In the project "Museology for Begginers" the Gallery gathered more than 20 secondary school students who participated in workshops with curators, conservators and museum educators and got the basic knowledge on preserving and presenting works of art. After two months of learining, together with Gallery’s curators, they started to prepare their own exhibition out of the collection of the Gallery of Matica srpska. Step by step, they became "young curators" involved in each aspect of making an exhibition ‒ the disscusion about the topics they wanted to talk about, finding artworks in the Gallery’s storage rooms and finally the creation of the visual identity of the exhibition and the special presentation of the artworks. The whole process resulted in the exhibition titled The Young People Choose with three different topics The Timemachine of the Society, The Begining of the End and Who Are You?, telling the stories about people’s leisure time during the history, absurdity of starvation and the building of identity.

By this project, the Gallery of Matica srpska joined the celebration of Novi Sad the European Youth Capital in 2019 and showed how museums can be opened for young people and give them a chance to feel and think about their cultutal heritage from their own perspective.

As a final result, apart from the attractive opened exhibition on the 1st of February, these young people became active participants in the creation of the Gallery’s programmes and hopefuly they will continue to be involved in different cultural activities in their city, making our future better.

Supported by: The Foundation „Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture“, OPENS 2019 – European Youth Capital and Vojvođanska Bank – OTP group.



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