The Renovation of The Gallery of Matica srpska Facade

Dear all,

Over a longer period of time that is behind, we were committed to transform the space of The Gallery of Matica srpska into a place worthy of the high artistic value of its collection. We have successfully repaired the basement, enlarged the capacity of the area for conservation studios and workshops, expanded the depots and improved the conditions of artworks preservation.

We have installed an elevator, as well, accomplishing a project from 1956, when the renovation of the building into the museum space had been taking place. Therefore, we managed to achieve the dreams and desires of our predecessor and continued with dreaming.

Now, we direct our view towards the restoration of the facade, according to the designed project. At the very end of 2014, we launched a fundraising campaign for its reconstruction, believing that this action deserves the support of the public. After a year, we are one step closer to the goal. Friends who supported us are not numerous, but their contribution is outstanding. They recognized our sincere efforts in preservation and presentation of the cultural treasure collected in past centuries in a very qualitative manner. Following the example of our predecessors, and according to their abilities and desires, they helped our project to become more achievable, more visible and more far-reaching. They continued the patriotic tradition of benefactors and donors, knowing that only in unity can we accomplish our goals and still last.

We believe that there will be more interested parties this year and invite you to give your contribution to the implementation of the facade restoration project. Let it shine and glitter to the pride of all of us, who consider the legacy of The Gallery of Matica srpska as its own.
Participate in the project, which will make the prime artworks from the collection of The Gallery of Matica srpska framed into a pleasant ambience and contemporary decorated facade.

Join us, be a small part of a large project, which will, at the same time, make our city more beautiful and verify it as a true capital of Serbian and European culture.

Be part of our team and become a member of the Friends’ Club of The Gallery of Matica srpska.

Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, MA
and The Collective of The Gallery of Matica srpska

The official account of The Gallery of Matica srpska facade renovation project: 840-158668-06

Contact Person:
Lolita Pejović, MSc, expert-associate
Telephone: + 381 21 4899 026



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